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Greenville Drive

Food Operations Manager

Greenville Drive LLC
Greenville, SC
Food and Beverage: Food/Beverage Management
Job Duties and Performance Expectations
Food and Beverage Operations Manager (“FBOM”): The main objective of the FBOM is to ensure that assigned Food and Beverage outlets are operating in an efficient manner at all times in accordance with all policies of the Greenville Drive and other regulatory agencies. The FBOM’s job responsibilities are divided into two categories. The first category can primarily be classified as non-game responsibilities and is broken down into three sections. The second category is game related responsibilities and is divided into pregame, in-game, and post-game duties.
 Category 1: Non-game responsibilities
1.       Operational Excellence (Facilities): This includes but is not limited to the following:
a.       Ensuring that all safety and sanitation policies are implemented and followed.
b.       Ensuring that all sanitation and cleaning procedures are hardwired throughout the food and beverage operation. 
c.       Recording, scheduling, and reporting all equipment maintenance or repairs as needed
d.        In addition to food safety requirements it is the FBOM’s responsibility to uphold fire and life safety requirements as well.
e.       Maintaining all portable food and beverage equipment that is used for Picnics or Special Events.

2.       Warehouse and Receiving (Procurement):This includes but is not limited to the following:
a.       Accurately maintaining the F&B Receiving Log. This includes food, beverage, beer, wine, liquor, maintenance, and general supplies expenses. This document must be maintained, updated, and verified weekly.
b.       Promptly processing all invoices including input of all inventory.
c.       Ensuring that all warehouse policies and procedures are followed. This includes overseeing all deliveries and scheduling assistance when needed so that goods received are stored in a timely manner.
d.       Ensuring that all kegs and CO2 tanks are properly stored and returned promptly after use.
e.       Maintaining all food labeling and proper rotation of stock items to prevent product loss and any potential foodborne illness caused by time and temperature abuse.

3.       Process Management/Workforce Development: This includes but is not limited to the following;
a.       Developing and utilizing appropriate timelines to successfully deliver high quality food and beverage offerings for Drive games and Special Events.
b.       Creating, utilizing, and managing staff to utilize checklists systems. 
c.       Developing training systems to teach staff point of sale procedures. Monitor the effectiveness of this training on an ongoing basis.

Category 2: Game Day and Special Events Responsibilities
1.    Pregame: Using checklist systems prior to each game the FBOM will ensure the following duties or tasks have been performed;
a.       Picnic Timelines and Checklists updated daily to reflect current day’s needs. Manage staff to adhere to identified timelines so that all pregame hospitality events begin and end on time and meet all quality standards. 
b.       Checklist completed to ensure beer and beverage systems are functioning properly.
c.       Oversee the pre-event transfers of all supplies to the proper area in a timely manner.
d.       Ensure that all items received have been properly stored by the specified times. 
e.       Ensure that all stanchions and crowd control signage is in place.
f.        Ensure that in the 500 Club, STH Lounge, and Group Hospitality areas staffing is sufficient and that all pregame procedures and checklist are completed prior to gates opening or the start of an event.

2.    In-game: The FBOM’s top priority during the game will be direct oversight of the 500 Club Seasonal Manager and Picnic Managers. This includes the STH Lounge, Dugout, and Paladin Plateau. 
3.    Post-game: Following each game, the FBOM will perform all closing procedures and checklists that pertain to the 500 Club, Hospitality Areas, and STH Lounge. Upon completion of those duties the following also must be performed:
a.       Collect the cash deposits from assigned areas and sign off on any tip declarations.
b.       Ensure that all picnic supplies that were used during the game are cleaned and returned to the proper locations.
c.       Ensure that any delivery information from that day has been properly entered into the appropriate systems.

4.            Special Events: The FBOM will participate in and oversee any special events that occur during the season as well as the off season, as assigned by the Food and Beverage Director. It is required that the FBOM manage assigned events to meet set expectations of the customer. Participation in Special Events planning meetings is required.
We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

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