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Box Office Manager - Waterloo Bucks Baseball (Waterloo · IA)

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Accounting and Finance: Payroll
Primary Focus
Focusing on Box Office Operations and Serving as the Accounting Point Person for the Waterloo Bucks; Season Ticket Fulfillment; Group Outing Sales; Guerilla Marketing; In-Game Operations; Communication with Cedar Rapids Ball Club’s Accounting Department (Delivery of High Level of Customer Service).

This position starts on May 1, and ends on August 31. 
Job Responsibilities: 
  • Office Operations
    • Assisting front office with sponsorship fulfillment.
    • Assisting with guerilla marketing efforts around the community.
  • Box Office Management
    • Printing group tickets, running box office, counting money bags, assisting with game deposits, and determining game attendance.
    • Overseeing Ticket Intern(s). 
    • Run daily square reports.
    • Identify group outing or invoice payments and record information in Group Outing spreadsheets and on deposit recap.
    • Print off online ticket sales reports on a daily basis to determine the previous day’s on-line sales and create a deposit recap.
    • Interacting with group leaders on Bucks game days.
    • Resolving ticket issues for patrons.
  • Sales
    • Making daily sales calls for groups in the stands and all-inclusive areas.
      • Includes cold calls, schools, and communities.
  • Stadium Events
    • Assist with operating stadium as site-manager for non-Bucks events.
    • Overseeing ushers on Bucks game days.
  • Payroll
    • Ensure new hire payroll packets are fully and accurately completed.
    • Set-up hourly staff in Silverware.
    • Run daily staff payroll reports and input information into the hourly spreadsheet.
    • Maintain employee contact information and forward all original employment paperwork to Cedar Rapids.
    • Collect other payroll information from the Waterloo staff (games worked, hours not inputted into Silverware, etc.) and forward to Cedar Rapids payroll.
  • Ticket / Sales Reports
    • Maintain Group Outing and Season Tickets spreadsheets.
    • Send group outing invoice information to Cedar Rapids for billing at least twice a week.
    • Provide upcoming group outing information to Dan to include in home stand preview sheet.
    • Count Box Office Money Bags.
      • Create the deposit recap.
    • Calculate the nightly attendance and send out game recap e-mail.
    • Count 50/50 Raffle bags and determine the winner payout.
    • Count the Kid Games money bag.
    • Create deposit ticket, reset money bags, and calculate change order needs.
  • Concessions Banker
    • Count money bags and run Square reports at the end of the game.
    • Complete Bankers spreadsheet, create deposit slip and calculate change order.
  • Other Duties as Assigned
  • Misc.:
    • Maintain Normal Business Hours.
      • 9-5 M-F.
      • During season:  game day 9 am through game. 
      • Non-game day during season 9-5.
      • Expect to work weekends and all special events.
    • Manual labor expected for season and game preparation and to assist as needed.
    • Answer office phones.
    • Ensure all A/P invoices are approved & sent to Cedar Rapids.
    • Assist with taking Concessions & Souvenir Inventories.

This position makes $1,500 per month, with potential for commission. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.