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Player Operations: Equipment Manager
The Lake Erie Crushers in Avon, OH are looking for a new Clubhouse Manager for the 2022 Season.
It is a vital role of the clubhouse manager to provide maximum customer service to players, coaches, Crushers personnel, umpires, and league officials. The following is a list of responsibilities of the Clubhouse Manager. 
Responsibilities are not limited to this list. 
Pre-Season Clubhouse 
  • Uniform inventory (pants, jerseys, BP tops, dri-fit shirts (long sleeve/short sleeve), belts, loops, socks (stir-ups if requested), pitchers’ jackets, shorts, travel bags) 
  • Equipment inventory (bats, pine tar, bat weights, catcher’s gear, balls, etc.) 
  • Cleaning (Both Clubhouses – coaches’ room/bathroom, players’ lobby, bathroom/shower, training area, entry/exit ways, dugouts, equipment cage, lockers, umpires room. 
  • Meet with bat boys and develop a schedule. Delegate field duties to bat boys (Cleaning of dugout, preparation of baseballs)
  • Supply clubhouse with food/snacks/drinks from selected food provider. You are responsible for picking up and delivered supplies to field
These duties are essential to making our coaching staff, players and Crushers personnel pleased when they arrive. A clean and organized clubhouse leaves a good impression with the coaches and players. 
Game Day Responsibilities:
  • Cleaning: -Laundry: Home/Visiting team (personals, uniforms, staff shirts, towels, etc…) –
  • Daily Clubhouse cleaning- Bathrooms, shower, tables, garbage, training area, vacuum floors, pick-up trash, provide water cooler, provide food/drinks from selected food provider. Water Cooler & Cups for visiting clubhouse
  • Equipment: -Issue all necessary equipment to players and coaches. -Give umpires 5 to 6 game balls Prepare an additional 5 to 6 dozen baseballs for each game (Baseballs need to be rubbed using the mud provided in clubhouse)
  • Help set-up and breakdown BP equipment. -Fill water coolers for both sides, Fill ice cooler for each training staff as well as 5 BodyArmor towels to each dugout -Set out pine tar rag, mota sticks, bat weights, rosin bags. 
Equipment issue and inventory are two key factors to making sure our clubhouse is run in an efficient manner. There will be equipment issue/inventory sheets that will be the Clubhouse Manager’s responsibility to make sure all players complete. Bat inventory will be monitored by the Clubby once a month. 
Customer Service: 
  • All home coaching staff/trainers (post game food, towels, coaches’ fridge, whatever they need) –
  • All visiting coaching staff/trainers/ (post game food, w/drinks towels) 
  • All umpires (pre-game beverages, post game food, towels, and ticket requests, whatever they need) 
  • All players’ ticket requests/Post BP PBJ & Fruit spread (Turn pass list in when gates open) 
Customer service in our clubhouse is vital to making sure the Crushers’ coaching staff and players feel welcome. Making sure their stay in Avon is a memorable one will be an advantage to maximizing your income from dues and tips. Customer service is also a big contributor to making visiting teams feel like they were at their own ballpark. The more customer service friendly the Clubhouse Manager is, the more money they will make. Making sure our umpires, coaches, players, and trainers are well taken care of is a reputation the Crushers have established throughout the Frontier League. 
Post Game Duties:
  • General cleaning of home clubhouse bathroom, lounge, coaches’ office, and the laundry room –
  • Laundry from both teams
  • Laundry put away for both teams 
  • Equipment pick-up and storage 
  • Bat Boy timecard fill-out (Clubhouse Manager will initial every shift and will turn in cards to the Crushers front office at the end of each homestand) 
This position is a full time/seasonal job that requires long hours but can be very rewarding. The Clubhouse Manager has the potential to make a nice income over the short course of our 
51-game season. Being a Clubhouse Manager allows freedom to create your own work schedule and cleaning routine. The Clubhouse Manager must be at the clubhouse at the same time players and coaches are to address uniform, equipment and visiting team issues. The Lake Erie Crushers have pride in the service they provide to the fans that enter the gates and we expect the same service to visiting teams and home team staffs. As mentioned before, customer service has become a more intricate role in providing the best atmosphere and service to the existing teams in the Frontier League. 
End of Season Clubhouse Close-Out Responsibilities 
  • Equipment and uniform inventory: The end of season clubhouse close-out is a necessary task to winterize the stadium for the off season. 
  • If academic schedules conflict with close-out please notify the Crushers prior to employment. 
  • Theft will always be an issue in clubhouses and it is the responsibility of the Clubhouse Manager to minimize stealing. 
We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.