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Ballpark Operations Assistant - Altoona Curve (Altoona · PA)

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Facility Operations/Event Staff: Facility/Venue Management
Altoona Curve
 Ballpark Operations Assistant

  •  Assist the Director of Ballpark Operations in all of the following areas:
  • Cleaning of entire ballpark and the surrounding area, including the parking garage.
  • Pressure washing of entire ballpark
  • Drywall repairs and painting
  •  Winterization of ballpark
  • Spring opening of the ballpark
  • Changing burned out light bulbs throughout the facility and garage
  • Coordination of game-day cleaning by outside services
  • Hiring, training, and scheduling of in-game cleaning crew
  • Hiring, training, and scheduling of game day parking crew
  • Hiring, training, and scheduling of bat boys
  • Ordering of paper and cleaning supplies for the ballpark
  • Allocation of keys for front office and select game day employees 
  • The general upkeep of inflatables for game day activities 
  • The general upkeep of HVAC systems-change air filters, clean coils, etc…
  • Lubrication of all gears and grease joints throughout stadium
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Organization and storage of extra maintenance parts
  • Organization, upkeep, and storage of all tools used throughout park
  • Coordination of trash removal from the stadium by trash company
  •  Coordination of recycled materials removal from stadium by outside trash company
  • Ordering and storage of paper and cleaning supplies for park
  • Cleaning and organization of office
  • Ceiling repairs
  • Water leak repairs throughout stadium and parking garage
  • Roof repairs
  •  Sewage line repairs
  •  Coordination of trash pick-up in parking lot
  •  Landscaping and weed removal throughout park and surrounding area
  • Maintain accurate records of repairs and work accomplished daily
  •  Provide records to management on a weekly basis of work performed
  • Any jobs or maintenance-related issues assigned by GM or ownership for completion
Present reports or ideas to management for ballpark improvements

Job Questions:

  1. What and how much prior experience do you have working in minor league baseball?

  2. What and how much prior experience do you have working in facility maintenence and management?

  3. What qualifications and skill set do you possess that you feel makes you the best canidate for this job?