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Carolina League

Visiting Clubhouse Manager

Salem Red Sox
Salem, VA
Player Operations: Equipment Manager
Visiting Clubhouse Manager
Job Description 
This position is a full time seasonal job that is exhausting but very rewarding. The Visiting Clubhouse Manager has the potential to make a nice income over the short course of our 70-game season. Being a Clubhouse Manager allows freedom to create your own work schedule and cleaning routine. The Visiting Clubhouse Manager must be at the clubhouse at the same time players and coaches are to address uniform, equipment and visiting team issues. The Salem Red Sox have pride in the service they provide to the fans that enter the gates and we expect the same service to the home team and the visiting team staffs. Customer service has become a more intricate role in our organization with providing the best atmosphere and service to the existing teams in the Carolina League.
Pre-Season Clubhouse Responsibilities -Cleaning (Clubhouse – coaches’ rooms/bathrooms, main bathroom/shower, training area, entry/exit ways, dugouts, lockers, umpires room, get all washers/dryers in proper working condition)
Game Day Responsibilities Cleaning: -Laundry: Visiting team (personals, uniforms, towels, etc…) -Visiting Clubhouse- Bathrooms, urinals, toilets, shower, tables, garbage, training area, vacuum floors, sweep dugouts, pick-up trash, wipe down all areas Equipment: -Fill water coolers for dugouts/bullpens -Set out pine tar/rosin bags Customer Service: -All visiting coaching staff/trainers/Strength coaches (post game food, cooler w/drinks, beer, whatever they want if feasible, towels) -All umpires (pre-game beverages, post game food, towels, and ticket requests, whatever they need if feasible) -All players’ ticket requests/Post BP & Fruit spread (Turn pass list in when gates open)
Post Game Duties -General cleaning of visitors clubhouse bathroom, lounge, coaches’ office, and training area -Take all coaches, umpires and trainers their food that they requested for their post game meal -Laundry from visiting team and umpires -Laundry put away for visiting teams and umpires -Equipment pick-up and storage -Any other request made by front office personnel End of Season Clubhouse Close-Out Responsibilities -Thorough cleaning of clubhouse, coaches’ office, and bathrooms The end of season clubhouse close-out is a necessary task to winterize the stadium for the off season. The Visiting Clubhouse Manager will take inventory and give copies to the Red Sox Facilities Manager for review.

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