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Senior Director, Content Creation with Washington Nationals in Washington, DC

Washington Nationals jobs
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Marketing: New Media
The Washington Nationals Baseball Club is a premier organization with an exciting legacy of on-field success and broad community impact. With the opening of Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. in 2008, the franchise has continued its notable trajectory under the leadership of Lerner Sports and has enjoyed greater reach as the fan base continues to grow. This state-of-the-art venue is home to a winning team on and off the diamond, consisting of energetic and talented professionals committed to enhancing the Nationals' stature of excellence.

In recent years, the Nationals organization has added key baseball talent and grown its business operations, positioning itself for historic growth as a trendsetter in sports. The Nationals have also become an innovative leader in e-marketing and digital ticketing within professional sports. What's more, the franchise has set an impressive example for charitable efforts across the league, with community programs focused on military outreach as well as children's education, health, and recreation. In the heart of the nation's capital, the Nationals' commitment to quality generates unforgettable experiences for sports professionals and fans alike.


The Washington Nationals seek a dynamic, innovative, marketing executive to direct content creation across the company, aligning to the brand identity and sales objectives. The Senior Director of Content will plan and develop content to meet the needs of the entire organization across a variety of mediums (digital, video, print, radio, etc.). The ability to tell creative stories is central to the role. Ultimately, this role’s primary mission is to compel the market to buy tickets to Nationals game, driving revenue for the company, and drive engagement and positive association for the brand by highlighting our community, social, and on-field accomplishments.

The Senior Director of Content will be a collaborative executive, able to work seamlessly and positively with the many other department heads that have content needs. Specifically, the successful candidate will demonstrate a capacity to drive ticket sales and the brand in partnership with Nationals’ Game Entertainment and Broadcasting, Ticket Sales and Service, Corporate Partnerships, Community Relations/Impact, and Public Relations/Communications departments, among others.

The Senior Director of Content will develop content for the entire Nationals organization including: social media series, videos to promote our community relations and impact work, human interest news stories about the brand, in-park video series (to tell organizational stories and drive revenue for F&B, retail, etc.). The successful candidate will also have experience with and lead creation and execution of experiential activations to promote the Nationals brand and sell tickets in the region.

As part of this role, the Senior Director of Content Creation will manage our in-house Creative Department, collaborate with external creative and media buying agencies in the development of strategies and approaches, and oversee our social/new media presence and content.


Position responsibilities: 

o Lead the planning and creation of all Nationals content, across departments 
o Create manage/program and populate a content execution calendar 
o Research and formulate treatments for original programming (to include but not limited to scripts, storyboards, etc.) 
o Create and manage a programming grid and tracking systems that shows all the channels content will populate 
o Amortize programming structure (leverage content to serve multiple needs from in-Park, to social, to advertising) 
o Oversee in-house creative 
o Manage social/new media channels 

Content needed: 

• Original content
• Series Ideas for in-Park, social media, etc.
• Programming for MASN (potentially)
• Programming to sell (Sponsorship)
• Programming for new studio at the Park
• Take current events and programs and turn them into content for as many channels as it applies (IE: NATS Plus, Ladies Luncheon Q&A, Inside Pitch-Mike Ploger, Blog, Podcast, etc.)
• Theme Night and event programming break outs
• Expansion on anything that we have now but can turn into content (e.g., Q&A. LIVE from Winterfest-Networks should be coming LIVE from there, it’s a great backdrop)


• A minimum 7 years of relevant experience creating exciting content to drive sales and fan engagement
• Proven track record of developing content aligned to broader brand marketing, advertising, and promotional strategies.
• Direct experience ideating and creating content for a broad set of organizational needs
• Detail-oriented planner, who maps out a complex and broad set of content needs against a trackable and shareable calendar
• Proactive communicator who keeps leadership informed of plans and progress
• Hard-charging executive with great attention to detail that seeks excellence in everything they do and wants to go above and beyond the basic job requirements
• A collaborative, culture-enhancing leader that works well with peers and makes the Nationals a fun place to work
• Experience partnering with sales, management, and creative leaders to drive distinction in a competitive consumer marketplace
• Demonstrated background in developing various creative marketing collateral and campaigns to drive sales by leveraging multiple marketing channels (digital, TV, radio, in-park, social, print, experiential)
• Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, demanding environment


Superior Content Ideation, Storytelling, and Creative Skills: 

• Build and drive the execution of a wealth of content to live on a variety of platforms to drive ticket sales and fan engagement 
• Develop content aligned to brand message that attracts and retains generations of fans 
• Extensive experience with creation of video content 
• Collaborate across the organization to understand needs, prioritize, and deliver to support revenue growth, engagement and affinity for the Nationals brand. 
• Drive fans and stakeholders to the brand and games through meaningful digital/social interaction and compelling events in order to build ongoing connectivity. 

Adaptability and Collaboration 

• Serve as a highly collaborative, nimble executive across the Nationals organization, driving consensus through an appreciation and understanding of different points of perspective. 
• Create solutions that incorporate points of view from across the Nationals organization. 
• Lead and create without ego, prioritizing collective progress and success over individual interests. 
• Serve as an ambassador for the broad Nationals family, representing the interests of colleagues, owners, athletes, and community stakeholders. 


• Build, mentor, and retain a high performing and enthusiastic department. 
• Garner organizational support for the integral role of marketing through results and progress. 
• Build strong relationships with fans, ticket holders, sponsors, community partners and other stakeholders. 
• Earn confidence from all Nationals stakeholders.

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