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*Coordinator - Baseball Systems - Tampa Bay Rays (St. Petersburg · TX)

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Technical Services: Project Management
This position’s goal is to assist the director in coordinating Baseball Systems projects, improve and administer multiple processes related to baseball systems development. This role is also responsible for coordination of specific projects related to software development, software architecture, project management, database management and general decision-making. As a facilitator, this role fosters collaboration across the baseball operations organization.
We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Create, develop, and lead projects aimed to optimize our baseball systems process
    • Improve decision making processes in all aspects of baseball systems including, but not limited to: Implementation & adherence of departmental standards. Adoption of new tools and processes. Collection and dissemination of information among the members of the department
    • Receive incoming development requests and interview stakeholders to understand the impact on the development team
    • Status updates are communicated regularly among the Baseball Operations stakeholders
    • Provide recommendations for possible changes to Uncle Charlie
    • Assist in the improvement of the Baseball Systems workflow
    • Work closely with our database staff to ensure the timely acquisition of required data
    • Monitor recurring problems within our software and systems and suggest potential solutions
  • Ensure that department new hires are integrated into the Baseball Systems team when starting
    • User accounts are created
    • Hardware and software are acquired
    • Permissions are setup appropriately
    • New hires are given a walkthrough of all appropriate resources
  • Assist in project management related to tasks for new and existing software.
  • Manage user access across the various Baseball Systems products.
  • Work closely with R&D and database staff to ensure the necessary data is imported and available each day and relay any issues to the department if necessary.
  • Ensure that all video data is compiled and available in a timely manner each day.
  • Work with the Baseball Systems director to prioritize projects and associated deadlines within the department. 
  • Monitor the staff progress and provide status updates of current projects and report on their progress.
  • Assist with the candidate selection and interview process for Baseball Systems.
  • Foster communication between Baseball Systems and the other departments within Baseball Operations.
  • Collect information regarding the future needs of the various Baseball Operations departments for the next season at the end of the current season.
  • Identify areas of improvement based on feedback received from Baseball Operations staff.

Job Questions:

  1. Please summarize the most recent project you have managed (250 words or less). Include any significant challenges you encountered and how you measured success.