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Angels Baseball - 2018 Seasonal Game Day Staff

Los Angeles Angels
Anaheim, CA
Facility Operations/Event Staff: Game Day/Event Staff
Come and be part of our amazing seasonal team!
The following game day positions will be available for the 2018 season…
This Security Host position is directly responsible for any person that enters ballpark areas and strict enforcement of the MLB guidelines. This is a non-union position. Position will act as lead role to disseminate information, obtained from media/credential guides, media relation’s representatives to other security personnel. Assists security personnel to ensure MLB and Angels Baseball security standards are met. Host will be familiar with lists, guides and reference material provided by MLB.  Security hosts must be able communicate with stairway and elevator usher staff to insure limited access to the secured park locations.  Security Hosts must be able to stand for extended period of time and lift up to 10lbs.
Guest Relations Attendants will be available in designated areas and stations within the ballpark to provide superior customer service for all fans of Angels Baseball and guests of Angel Stadium of Anaheim. These locations will include, but are not limited, to the Guest Relations Office, Guest Relations and Fulfillment Window, Suites Level Guest Relations Desks, Satellite Kiosks, Entrance Gates and other stations or immediate locations within or around the ballpark as deemed necessary. All Guest Relations Attendants must be friendly and attentive to the needs of the fans and guests.  They must be able to address multiple guest concerns in a professional yet sympathetic manner, utilizing complaint forms when necessary. This position will be required to be aware of many facets involving baseball and the ballpark; including event schedules, food items available/location, merchandising locations, Security, first aid, etc.  Guest Relations attendants must be able to stand for extended periods of time and lift up to 25lbs and push over 100lbs (when moving guests in wheelchairs).
Passes out promotional items at the gates on the days when we have scheduled promos. Promotions Representative must be able to stand for extended periods of time as well as lift up to 50lbs.
A Parking Lot Attendant is primarily responsible for the regulation and direction of vehicles in the Angel Stadium parking lot.  Will quickly and safely directs vehicles toward the correct parking area and/or into an appropriate parking space. Walks assigned section to check for any safety hazards prior to the opening of the parking lot. Reports any hazardous conditions to lead director immediately.Understands the types of parking lot passes used at Angel Stadium. Makes sure that VIP/Season Ticket Holders are directed to the interior lots close to the stadium, while other vehicles are guided to the general admission lots. Cars that display a handicap hangtag or license plate should be directed to the designated spaces close to the stadium entrances.  Answers any questions that guests may have about the stadium or that day’s event.  Knows all Angels policies and procedures, especially those regarding stadium parking. Parking Lot Attendants must be able to stand for extended periods of time in inclement weather.  They must also be able to lift up to 25lbs.
This Parking Cashier position is responsible for accurately collecting and reconciling revenue while providing exceptional hospitality services to all guests in an attentive, courteous and efficient manner and in accordance with Company customer service expectations and established performance standards.  Duties include; accurately collect parking fees (cash and credit card) and pre paid parking tickets from guests, answer guests’ questions, provide information on parking procedures and/or policies and reconcile sales. Parking Lot Cashiers must be able to use smart phone technology, stand for extended periods of time and work in inclement weather.  They must also be able to lift up to 15lbs.
The Event Staff Employee is primarily responsible for assisting the fans as they enter the ballpark and directing them to their seating location. Event Staff employees are also responsible for maintaining an enjoyable, hassle-free environment for all guests of Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Duties may include: Helping guests to assigned seats, observe sections for disturbances, keeping sections clean. Event Staff know all Angels policies and procedures, especially those regarding crowd control and tickets. They remain aware of any special activities, functions, or promotions for that particular day and keep a strong understanding of all areas of the stadium. Will know emergency evacuation plan and exit routes and must be able to remain calm and provide direction and guidance in the event of an emergency. Event Staff must be able to stand for extended periods of time, climb up and down stairs and lift up to 10lbs.
A Ticket Taker is primarily responsible to ensure that each guest entering Angel Stadium presents a valid ticket for admission and to deny entrance to all unauthorized persons. Duties may include, but are not limited to: Greeting all guests with a warm, appropriate smile and a friendly “Welcome to Angel Stadium” and “May I see your ticket please”, checking each ticket for authenticity and proper date. Scans the ticket and returns the appropriate portion to the guest, keeping a steady movement of guests through the turnstiles, assisting any children or persons having difficulty getting through the turnstile and directing physically challenged patrons to the proper entrances. Ticket Takers must be able to stand for extended periods of time.
In conjunction with the Facilities Department, members of the Event Sweeper Crew assist with the cleaning and maintenance of restrooms, concourses, and other areas during public events at Angel Stadium. This is a bargaining unit position. Will clean, stock, and maintain restrooms during public events as well as sweep and mop concourses during public events. Sweepers will detail seating areas before events. They must be able to respond to calls for cleanups as necessary. Sweeper will also remove and haul trash and detail public restrooms after each event. This position will require mostly evening availability. Candidates must be able to lift up to 50lbs, climb stairs and exert themselves physically for extended periods.
Members of the Janitor Crew assist with cleaning and detailing different areas of the stadium and front office. Duties may include but are not limited to: Clean suites and restaurants, including: Vacuuming and shampooing carpet, cleaning windows, cleaning walls, floors and furniture.  Clean and detail restrooms, showers and locker rooms including: cleaning tile, walls, floors, toilets, urinals and sinks.  Use powered equipment such as vacuum cleaners, extractors and floor buffers.  This position will require daytime availability; typical shift is from 6am to 2:30pm. Candidates must be able to lift up to 50lbs, climb stairs and exert themselves physically for extended periods.
Members of the Set Up crew assist with setting up furniture and equipment for events and parties.  Duties include, but are not limited to: Moving equipment, materials and off loading deliveries, delivering supplies and other materials as needed.  This position will require mostly daytime availability and some evening (event shifts). Candidates must be able to lift up to 50lbs, climb stairs and exert themselves physically for extended periods.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills and diplomacy with the public
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Experience in customer service (highly desireable)
  • Prior experience in large venue
Candidates will be contacted directly by hiring managers for interviews.  
Angels Baseball is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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