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Sugar Land Skeeters

Ticket Office Intern

Sugar Land Skeeters Baseball
Internship: Internship
Position: May- August 2018 (1 spot available)
For-Credit Position
Ticket Office Intern: The Sugar Land Skeeters are looking for a box office intern to assist in the daily duties and procedures of a stadium ticket office. The intern will work in Ticket Return as well as Microsoft office to create reports, spread sheets, and keep a running total of all the items coming in and going out of the stadium.
Job Duties:
  • Assist in the box office with client relation duties and additional duties as assigned
  • Use the Ticket Return ticketing system to process incoming individual, season, and group tickets for baseball and non-baseball events
  • Assist with accounting, reconciling, and other financial aspects of the box office
  • Answering phones calls and inquiries for different games, events, and tours
  • Direct incoming calls to staff members based on need of the caller
Job Qualifications:
  • Have a strong background in Microsoft Office- Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Have strong customer service skills
  • Be comfortable multi-tasking
  • Always be willing and able to learn quickly

Job Questions:

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