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Sugar Land Skeeters

Stadium Operations Interns

Sugar Land Skeeters Baseball
Facility Operations/Event Staff: Facility/Venue Management
Position: May-August 2018(2 spots available)
Position: August-December 2018 (1 spot avaliable)
Please specify which time slot best fits your needs and avalialility. 
For-Credit Position
Stadium Operations Interns: The Sugar Land Skeeters are looking for stadium operations interns to assist the Stadium Operations Manager and Director throughout the season. The interns will report to the Director of Stadium Operations and will assist with the daily duties that come with maintaining Constellation Field.
Job Duties:
  • Ensuring safety and security of the building
  • Manage vendor and client relationships
  • Scheduling building systems such as HVAC lighting and alarms
  • Upgrades and repairs on equipment and building systems
  • Help manage the cleaning crew
  • Manage outside contractors
  • Upkeep such as painting and/or changing air filters and lighting
  • Routine inventory of parts
  • Open and close the facility
Job Qualifications:
  • Applicants need to be able to use basic hand tools and equipment
  • Oversee routine facility maintenance
  • Heavy lifting is required and expected
  • Be able to work long hours on your feet
  • Previous experience with plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems is preferred

Job Questions:

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