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Atlantic League

Ticket Sales Full-Time Assistant/Internship (2018 Season - College Graduates only)

Long Island Ducks Baseball
Central Islip, NY
Internship: Internship
The Long Island Ducks are accepting resumes for their entry level ticket sales internship position. The position would start within two weeks and last through September, or the end of the 2018 baseball season.
The Ducks are looking for a college graduate to handle multiple responsibilities. The successful candidate will learn all aspects of running a professional franchise, such as: sales, marketing, operations, ticketing, customer service, and more. We are looking for people passionate about sales and “Work-A-Holics” that aren't afraid to work long hours and get their hands dirty.
The ticketing sales intern’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- customer service and ticket sales through the box office windows and phone line
- cold calling companies and introducing them to the season ticket, group ticket, and partial plan   
  packages available with the Ducks.  This will be the main responsibility.
- face-to-face interaction with customers during games at our ticket kiosk
- assisting the group sales department with sales, update calls, printing and much more
- Invoicing and collecting payments
- Mailings, printings, deliveries, etc.
- Mascot appearances, street team, etc.
- Helping other departments where needed
- Long hours and weekends are the norm
All applicants MUST INCLUDE a DETAILED COVER LETTER along with a resume.
COLLEGE GRADUATES ONLY  - this is a full-time commitment that includes long nights and weekends.
This is an unpaid internship.  However, a monthly stipend of $800 is provided to assist with any out-of-pocket costs (commuting, etc) associated with the internship.

Job Questions:

  1. How did you hear about this job?

  2. Do you have experience in sales?

  3. Have you ever worked for a sports franchise?

  4. Are you currently a college graduate that can make a full time commitment within the next two weeks?

  5. Do you have living arrangements on Long Island and your own car? What town are the living arrangements in?