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Audio Engineer|Part-time| Seminole Theatre - Oak View Group (Homestead · FL)

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Audio engineers are responsible for setting up specified audio equipment according to each events specific need, including but not limited to music concerts, theatrical rehearsals, productions, conferences, and special events. Amplifying, mixing, recording, syncing, and reproducing sound as needed. Responsibilities include ensuring all equipment is in good working order, connected properly and working with and helping direct other technical staff toward this goal.


This role will pay an hourly wage of $16 to $22.00. 


For PT roles: Benefits: 401(k) savings plan and 401(k) matching.


  • ●  Prepare soundboards and equipment for shows as well as maintain the quality of sound throughout a performance

  • ●  Set up microphones on performers and in various places in the theatre

  • ●  Check sound levels and make sure the equipment is functioning correctly

  • ●  Run sound checks

  • ●  Repairing and reporting sound equipment

  • ●  Maintain the work areas for other sound professionals to ensure the safety and

    productivity for the team

  • ●  Attend meetings with key professionals such as the Director or Stage Manager before

    rehearsals to help organize sound cues for the performance


  • ●  A technical knowledge of electricity and electronics

  • ●  Knowledge and experience with Yamaha QL5 and QL1 Mixers as well as Dante digital

    programming and patching

  • ●  Attention to detail and understand health and safety requirements

  • ●  Good communication

  • ●  Work well in a team and on your own

  • ●  Well organized and good under pressure

  • ●  Ability to react quickly and creatively to any problems that arise

  • ●  Patience, concentration, and focus

  • ●  At least 2 years of experience in a related field