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Landmark Event Staffing Services, Inc. is a leading national provider of crowd management and event security services to the sports and entertainment industries. We serve professional and major university athletic events, concerts, festivals, conventions and more. We are the go-to trusted provider for many of the country’s highest profile events and championships. Landmark is celebrated for our “Client-friendly, Fan-friendly, Employee-friendly” approach. This approach is built on a solid foundation of decades of experience placing a priority on our clients’ needs and forming partnerships. We succeed for our clients by taking care of our teammates. We train, coach and mentor them. We understand that if we treat our teammates well, they will be successful in achieving our clients’ goals. From developing a diverse, well-trained and knowledgeable workforce to implementing state-of-the-art employee communication and scheduling technologies, leadership incentive programs, recognition and job advancement opportunities, we are dedicated to making Landmark an exciting and “fun” place to work. To reach these goals, Landmark seeks out managerial candidates who have dedication, strong work-habits and people skills. We teach them the “Landmark Way”. Landmark managers become skilled in all aspects of event operations, guest services and security. We value our management team and welcome those who are interested in being a part of the Landmark team. For more information on Landmark please go to! 

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