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General Manager

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
Thompson, CT
Administration/General Management: General Management/Profit & Loss

Summary:  Responsible for overall management, promotion, and operation of the facility, including booking of all non NASCAR related events, client relations, construction, purchasing, policy administration, marketing, finance, sales, food and beverage, box office, advertising, security, production, maintenance, and related operations for the facility. This position is responsible for the development, coordination and management of all aspects and strategies for the speedway’s entertainment and all other events.  Gives direction to each department, as needed, through each department’s director and works in conjunction with Speedway ownership.

-Arrange for and otherwise book events on the property; develop and maintain relationships with reputable promoters, local market contacts, agents and talent affiliates to attract potential concerts, shows & other entertainment events.
-Administration of specific plans and programs prescribed by corporate directives and client initiatives, to include: HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing, quality assurance, energy efficiency, safety/emergency procedures, crowd control and crisis management practices, community engagement and/or other areas as needed
-Generate for client/corporate in a timely manner financial and other reports detailing the property’s activities
-Prepare a proposed annual Operating Budget and submit such proposed budget to client/corporate
-Oversee day to day operation, ensuring technical and staff resource needs for all events, oversees plans for allocating those resources, and successfully manages their efficient implementation.
-Ensure all agreements made regarding the Facility are in compliance with the contract, state and federal law
-Create cohesion amongst F&B department and event department to maximize sales opportunities
-Provide final approval for all contracts and agreement
-Attend conferences and trade association meetings

Supervisory Job Functions:
Oversee and manage all aspects of the Facility staff, including but not limited to Operations, Marketing, Finance/Payroll, Security, Janitorial services, Box Office. Demonstrate leadership in words and actions, including training, assigning work, performance appraisal and corrective action, addressing issues head on. Liaison for Corporate and Speedway ownership.

-Bachelor’s degree or better from an accredited college or university in Business/Hospitality Management or related field.
-Minimum of seven (7) years management experience in a public assembly facility or property.
-The ability to research, develop and maintain relationships with artist agents, artist management as well as local, regional and national promoters.
-Proven leadership skills
-Demonstrated knowledge of event solicitation and presentation, public relations, advertising and media relations and event planning, facility operations, budget preparation and personnel management
-Ability to apply conflict resolution and problem-solving skills in a team-oriented environment
-Ability to express ideas clearly through both oral and written communication
-Superior Sales and Marketing skills
-Strong Financial acumen
-Superior Operational and Event Management skills
-Knowledge of budget preparation and control
-Considerable knowledge of safety regulations and other federal, state or local laws and regulations
-Effectively work under pressure and meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.


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