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Accounting and Finance: Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
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NYCB LIVE Job Description
Job Title:                     Staff Accountant
Department:                Finance
Reports To:                 Controller
Effective Date:             January 2020
The Staff Accountant obtains revenue and pays invoices by verifying and completing payable and receivable transactions. The Accountant computes, classifies and enters numerical data into financial software to complete financial records. The expectation is to provide excellent customer service, effective communication, be dependable and maintain confidentiality in all situations.
NEC, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).


·       Manage and maintain all aspects of payroll from scheduling to verification.
·       Receiving, recording and processing invoices for payments.
·       Pays invoices by verifying transaction information; scheduling and preparing disbursements; obtaining authorization of payment.
·       Obtains revenue by verifying transaction information; computing charges and refunds; preparing and mailing invoices; identifying delinquent accounts and insufficient payments.
·       Resolve issues with delinquent accounts through contacting and working with the customer.
·       Maintain accurate financial record of all transactions, verifications, etc.
·       Offer creative budget, cash flow and other financial solutions as needed.
·       Collaborate with finance department members to maintain company financial health.
·       Processes monthly travel reimbursement requests.
·       Prepares invoices to request payment.
·       Receives, records and deposits cash and checks.
The qualifications listed below represent the credentials necessary to perform the essential functions of this position.  To be successful in this position, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals to perform the essential functions.
A.    Education and/or Experience
·       Bachelor’s degree
·       1-3 years Accounts Payable/Receivable and general accounting experience
·       Experience with relevant accounting software (such as Sage, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, etc.)
B.    Knowledge/Skills/Abilities
·       Working knowledge of accounting principles and procedures.
·       Ability to develop and maintain work deadlines.
·       Ability to perform work with a high degree of accuracy.
·       Demonstrates attention to detail and thorough completion of work tasks.
·       Proficient in data entry and management.
·       Ability to analyze and solve problems.
·       Exhibits professional integrity and maintains confidentiality.
·       Ability to work in a team or independently with little supervision as needed.
NEC, LLC reserves the right to change or modify the employee’s job description whether orally or in writing, at any time during the employment relationship. NEC, LLC may require an employee to perform duties outside his/her normal description.

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