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Marketing: Mascot
Job Title: Mascot
Department: Game Operations
Reports To: Game Presentation Director

This position is responsible for ensuring that all administrative elements of the mascot program are in working order and being used to the best of their ability. The position will be challenged to conceptualize new skits as well as other innovative ideas to enhance game presentation. The candidate should continually keep up with current entertainment industry trends and have basic knowledge and aspirations of working in video production. The candidate should be a highly-motivated, self-sufficient person that has an acute attention to detail and works well with deadlines.
  • Responsible for performing at appearances, which include Vipers Fang and Mr Toro, and any other costume work as necessary. 
  • Responsible for performing at all RGV Vipers games. 
  • Work with Game Presentation Director to receive training in a manner consistent with the character, and to work together to collect the necessary tools with which to perform to the fullest extent. These tools include costume pieces, props, and any other entity necessary to perform an appearance timely and fully. 
  • Help create and conceptualize new skits for franchise mascots. Position needs to present new ideas to enhance game presentation. 
  • Communicate well to effectively schedule appearances. All hours must be approved. 

In this position, the following competencies will contribute to the employee’s success: 
  • Business Professionalism, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Positive Thinking/Attitude, Effective Communication, along with: 
  • Humor – has a positive and constructive sense of humor; can laugh at him/herself and with others 
  • Innovation Management – is good at bringing the creative ideas of others to market; has good judgement about which creative ideas and suggestions will work 
Creativity – comes up with a lot of new and unique ideas; easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions
  • Must be available to work all RGV Vipers games. 
  • Must maintain a high level of fitness in order to perform at the highest level as an NBAGL mascot. 
  • Must be able to work with all types of people. 
  • Must be able to take feedback from numerous sources and implement into performance. 
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from the office, appearances and games. 
  • Creative mind with the ability to think on the fly and have a presence that entertains large crowds. 
  • Self-starter, pro-active, highly motivated. 
  • Detail-oriented. 
  • Takes direction well and works with team to discuss and plan new ideas. 
  • Able to work in a fast-pace environment. 
  • Able to implement last minute feedback, when needed. 
  • Preferred current involvement in professional work experience and/or seeking higher education.
    Preferred minimum two (2) years of team mascot experience.
    Preferred Dance/ Gymnastics experience

    Standing, jumping, dancing, crawling, indoor and outdoor, running, walking, lifting at least 25lbs.

    We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

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