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The following success stories were collected from hired candidates on TeamWorkOnline.com.

Jeffrey Neal

Director of Digital and Ticket Marketing Philadelphia 76ers

"I knew once I stopped playing football that I wanted to pursue a career in sports because I have always been a big sports fan and did not see myself anywhere else. I wanted an exciting career that focused around how things operate behind the scenes of the actual event, which led to me following successful brand trends.

My first contact with TeamWork Online came about through a Google Search while looking for jobs in sports. At the time I was working as the assistant manager of marketing for Foot Locker focusing on customer relationship management and loyalty. Once on TeamWork I began sifting through what was available and the type of experience levels on the job postings.

I know that TeamWork Online has Networking Events. The key is to find out what people are looking for when hiring so when the right opportunity presents itself you will be prepared, and have the type of contacts that will give you the best chance of landing that right job."

Kenya Parrish

Manager, Partnership Marketing
Monumental Sports & Entertainment

"I heard about TeamWork during my time in undergrad. I did a search online for sports jobs, and as time went on it ended up being the go-to service for finding jobs. I really like how the website is set up, and because I was familiar with the process of applying to jobs there were not any issues. I'm really happy that the site saves information and doesn't require filling out background information upon each application.

The TeamWork site is very informative and allows for you to search for jobs in the field you are looking to get into. TeamWork also can link you to other companies and organizations that you aren't already familiar with. It's a great resource because of it being user friendly. If you don't get your dream job right away don't get discouraged, but build more relationships because you can get a job in one setting and then move up in the future."

Morgan Leach

Community Relations and Events Representative
Oakland Raiders

"Throughout college I was interested in jobs in the fields of business, marketing, accounting, and sports management. One of my teammates was majoring in sports management and marketing, and I really thought that interested me the most.

I first heard about TeamWork while talking to one of my professor about possibly going into a career in the sports industry. That professor and others directed me towards TeamWork because of the abundance of opportunities that were available. It is funny because earlier in my undergrad career people told me about the site and now I immediately direct people to TeamWork if they are interested in a sports career. TeamWork Online is not only a great resource, but is very simple to use once you upload your resume and update all of your experience."