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The following success stories were collected from hired candidates on TeamWorkOnline.com.

David Beck

Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service
Philadelphia Soul

"Working in the sports and entertainment industry for the past twenty plus years, I have seen first-hand the value of TeamWork Online. It is an incredible resource for employers looking to find potential job applicants as well as individuals looking for opportunities in the sports industry.

I have successfully used TeamWork Online as a tool to find qualified applicants for tickets sales, premium sales, customer service as well as internship positions. The website is extremely user friendly. In each instance that I used the TeamWork, I received numerous potential candidates which proved quite valuable when building my sales teams both at the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Soul.

Additionally, I have personally used TeamWork Online to learn about career opportunities for myself. The strong relationships I formed with members of their staff helped me to find my current position of Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service with the Philadelphia Soul. TeamWork played an integral role in my getting this position. I have used MVP Access as well and found this to be extremely beneficial."

Kynon Codrington

NFL Product Manager
Fanatics Authentic

"I first heard of TeamWork Online when I was attending Georgia Southern University and looking for internships. While I was at GSU, all of my professors in Sports Management recommended using TeamWork Online. Later in my career when I was ready to move into a larger role, I went back to TeamWork Online. In September, I landed my current job with Fanatics, Inc. through TeamWork and now I'm working with the NFL memorabilia and product lines, graphic designers and sales support for the NFL. TeamWork makes it very easy to apply for jobs in the sports field. This was the first job that I landed through TeamWork, but it is the first site I would go to when looking for a job."

David Searles

Account Executive, Ticket Sales
Fresno State University (Legends)

"With Ithaca College being a member of the MVP Access College Program I have had the opportunity to read each week's newsletter and I've watched countless videos of employers giving advice. It's not watching the videos or reading the words that helps, it's actually applying them in your everyday life and work. So far, the things I've learned helped me land two jobs on TeamWork Online; the internship with Watkins Glen International, and my current job with Legends."