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Success Stories

The following success stories were collected from hired candidates on TeamWorkOnline.com.

Alton Byrd

Keisha Wright

Senior Director, Brand Marketing & Solutions
Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center

"My background in psychology, marketing as well as writing allowed me to get a position with the NBA. As a Senior Marketing Manager, I planned creative marketing campaigns for partners of the NBA, WNBA, NBA Development League and USA Basketball. I had 3 rounds of interviews and met about seven other senior executives before I got the job. My advice is to network, it is the best way to expose yourself and TeamWork Online offers plenty of opportunities to network with people inside the industry. Everyone knows everyone in sports, if you build up your contacts someone might think of you for a position before they even post the job!"

Jon Forsberg

Staci Wilkenson

Marketing Director
Montgomery Biscuits

"I wasn't even looking for a new position but I check TeamWork Online regularly and the position for a Marketing Director with the Montgomery Biscuits caught my eye. I applied spur of the moment and the whole interview process only took about two weeks, after a phone interview they flew me down for an interview. I prepared for the interview by creating a portfolio with examples of what I could bring to the table like marketing plans and press releases that I had created. Its not enough to tell someone what you can do, you have to show them. My experience spoke for itself after I proved that I had the skills. After that I had one last phone interview before I was offered the job."

Emily Fergason

Sean Bourke

Operations Intern
Arena Football League League

"I applied for this position because It is a big name league and is close to my hometown. I went to Chicago Rush games as a kid so I am familiar with the league. The position itself, covered a lot of different facets and being an intern that is what I am looking for experience in as many fields as possible. I really felt like this position would help enhance my skills set."