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Randy Prasse

Senior Director of Operations for Churchill Downs/The Kentucky Derby

"As the former CEO of Wisconsin State Fair Park/Wisconsin State Fair, with annual attendance of 900,000+ over 11 days, I understood much of what Churchill Downs was seeking in this position a seasoned veteran who had been in a leadership position with an organization that produces an event on the scale of the Kentucky Derby with over 170,000 people in attendance and countless millions viewing around the world. I also joked that, as a former dairy farmer, I understood working half-days...and that I just had to decide which 12 hours I wanted to work.

I am a "student" of live events and am always looking to expand my comfort zone. For 25 years, I was involved in sponsorship and marketing; public/media relations; and of course, the operations of events. I immerse myself in the history as well as current best practices. To be able to come to work every day at a venue with this kind of history and to play a role in producing one of the most watched, beloved and iconic events in the world is pretty amazing. It is on so many people's bucket lists (including mine), that it is very humbling. To think that my very first Kentucky Derby race will be as a part of the team that produces it will be extremely memorable."

Scott Reynolds

Manager, National Soccer Hall of Fame Club
Toyota Stadium

"I originally heard about TeamWork Online just by browsing on the internet one day. Once with the MLS, I understood TeamWork to be a resource for MLS jobs. I would say that it is a resource for a variety of sports jobs and people should be checking it regularly; if you're not aware of opportunities, you're not ready for your next job (regardless of whether you are ready to move now).

I did have to move for my new job and this is a major risk for my family, my career and myself. I took much lower compensation and relocated without my family for a period of time; it is a difficult challenge at this stage in my career, but I am not where I want to be and ambition is what drives me in proving myself all over again here."

Kristopher A. Morrow

Account Executive, Group Events & Hospitality
Arizona Diamondbacks

"My advice to others is to be persistent and to not get discouraged. I was told no, but to stay in contact with the Indianapolis Indians, and the following season I was given the Internship opportunity. By working hard at this internship I was able to land my first Full-Time position with the Reno Aces as a result. I then put in 3 years of hard work at Reno, when I finally landed a job in Major League Baseball. You just need to embrace and accept the long journey it will take to get to where you want to be. In the end, you are working for yourself and only you stand in the way of letting others notice your hard work"