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The following success stories were collected from hired candidates on TeamWorkOnline.com.

lori mckirnan

Lori McKirnan

Vice President of Business Affairs & Accounting
Columbus Crew

"Growing up as a small-town Ohioan meant that sports have often been a part of my family life and my Friday nights. After attending Ohio State for accounting, I immediately thrust myself into the workforce as a finance manager with the Atlanta Falcons. After five years, I felt that Ohio was calling me back to my roots. I used TeamWork Online to narrow down my options to Ohio-only positions. A few jobs later, I'm now working a dream job with the Crew. My advice: perfect your interviewing techniques, over-prepare, and make sure to find out how your personality can fit in with your company."

greg urbano

Greg Urbano

Director of Digital Media
USA Basketball

"Since working at the school newspaper at Florida St. University I've kept my eye on TeamWork Online's postings. While working at FOXSports.com earlier this year, I saw an opening with USA Basketball that appeared to be perfect for my skill set on the NBA job board. Without TeamWork Online I would never have known about the position, let alone be sitting here now working with the most exclusive and decorated basketball organization in the world."

tim bayus

Timothy Bayus

Direct and Digital Marketing Coordinator

"In college, I studied business administration and communications, two paths that readied me for the gauntlet that I was about to face in the sports world. I'd always wanted to go into sports ever since I was a kid, so I began prepping myself through internships. My sophomore year, I worked in Los Angeles for Fox Sports. Next summer, I worked with IMG in Cleveland, which brought me my first TeamWork experience. After I was out of school, I worked with PMG Sports in North Carolina as a copywriting intern. My internships prepared me, but so did my travels. Working all over America when I was young helped me to spread my web of connections. I still keep up with many of my coworkers to this day.

As I navigated life after college, an old friend who I worked with in North Carolina told me about a job opening in New York. I had a chance to work with the NHL, of which I'm an enormous fan. When I arrived to conduct the interview, I saw just how far my connections had gone. I basically had the job upon walking into the office."