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The following success stories were collected from hired candidates on TeamWorkOnline.com.

Robert Wooley

Director of Community Affairs and Detroit Lions Charities
Detroit Lions

"TeamWork Online's ability to communicate to sports professionals regarding opportunities in the industry is unparalleled. TeamWork is a tremendous and efficient tool in its ability to serve as a one-stop shop related to openings in the field. When I saw the position with the Lions I was thrilled. I was working at the NHL in Community Relations but Detroit was my home. Having worked at the Brookings Institute and in public policy in Washington, DC, I hoped I had the requisite experience they needed. The Lions passion to serve Detroit runs deep. Offered the job in managing community affairs and our charities, it is my goal to help build upon their tradition and to help this team reach out more than ever."

Kynon Codrington

NFL Product Manager
Fanatics Authentic

"I first heard of TeamWork Online when I was attending Georgia Southern University and looking for internships. While I was at GSU, all of my professors in Sports Management recommended using TeamWork Online. Later in my career when I was ready to move into a larger role, I went back to TeamWork Online. In September, I landed my current job with Fanatics, Inc. through TeamWork and now I'm working with the NFL memorabilia and product lines, graphic designers and sales support for the NFL. TeamWork makes it very easy to apply for jobs in the sports field. This was the first job that I landed through TeamWork, but it is the first site I would go to when looking for a job."

Emily Fergason

Game Entertainment & Social Media Marketing Director
Tulsa Shock

"I thought I was well prepared, but I found the job hunt a bit demeaning. I wanted to start something immediately upon graduating. It didn't happen. TeamWork Online kept me going. I had to stay hungry. I volunteered and did networking. I knew I had the resources with TeamWork Online. I would hit the site every day and check out the jobs on twitter. It's been a success for me and I'm packing up and moving. This industry is definitely a goal I've had for a while."