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To learn more about joining the TeamWork Online Network, please send an email to the link above or call 216-360-1790.

I am an employer — How can I use TeamWork Online to help me fill my jobs?

TeamWorkOnline provides an applicant tracking system that recruits the hired applicant to our employers' jobs 91% of the time. Further, it regularly updates each employer's candidate database. We do this through innovative terms and technology networking each employer's system with over 750 best brand name employers in sports and live events. 60% more hires were made through TeamWork Online between employer and applicant in the last 24 months.

TeamWork Online is not a pay-to-post model. Pay-to-post may seem cheaper and it is because it is less effective and not accountable. We can measure our success for each employer. We're an annual membership, web-site linked, community networked recruiting solution. Why is this model successful?

Here are TeamWork Online 2011 statistics. Please compare these with any other online job service when you decide where to recruit your employees.

  • 750 active employers comprising some of the biggest brands in sports and live events accessing 73 recruiting systems (+14% from last year)
  • 91% online hire average (+2% from last year)
  • 423,484 active candidates within our 1.7 million total database (+21% from last year)
  • 137,632 registered candidates using TeamWork's professional network (+950% from last year)
  • 133 candidates per job average: (+6% from last year)
  • Over 5,500 hiring managers in the sports and live events industry used TeamWork Online to identify and recruit talent in the past year.

The low cost of our membership rates will surprise you. Like many, you'll ask, "How do they make any money?"